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London and England guide -Editorial design and book layout

Magazine art cover and spreads focusing on making engaging and inviting book. The work utilizes fictional characters and comic style humans to form artwork that signifies England as a positive place to be. It uses doodles to create positive looking visuals that can be used in a short magazine or tour guide.


You went to OFFSET in 2016. Why and how did the event motivate you to do this project?

There was a square booklet featuring the art created by Andrew Rae. Rae’s work is kinda similar to mine in many ways. His cartoons reek of Adventure Time and comics. Having a similar style motivated me to create something that would look sweet on a square booklet. 

Something interesting about this project?

Finding the passion and skill to apply cross hatching has been an obstacle for years. My recent acquisition of the Vector Hero Brush set has finally overcome the challenge. It allowed me to insert my passion for cross-hatching into a cartoon style illustration for the magazine. 

What do you love about this product?

Having a graphic design background, I enjoy the prospect of creating quirky magazines spread with compelling imagery. For me, it looks very engaging and somehow looks personalized. In other words, it looks nice and welcoming.