Brighton graphic designer - Digital illustration - Terry Watson design
Personalised branding and graphics

Tipsy Dough - small start up branding and package illustration

​Tipsy Dough branding focuses on telling a story about the donuts using murals, doodles, and character designs. I was able to conceptualize and apply a story to every flavor. Every alcoholic flavored donuts contain a unique description that comically informs the audience about the taste.

Personalised illustration for the start up

Questions about branding identity and themes behind the story

What does story driven branding does for this brand?

Two themes - Engagement and being entertainment. The project focuses on using the fantasy setting to convey a story on how the products are produced. Through the use of vibrant colours, the mural represents the result of eating a strange flavoured donuts. It present the positive feelings that customers can experience.

The unusual location aims to portray the customer experience as strange and intriguing. The digital illustrations are designed with on both web and packages.