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The projects branding social media and print graphics

I have been working with a local co working space in Brighton. The Projects space hired me to brand their social events in 2019. The illustrations produced focus on portraying their happy hours events as great moments that brings members together. These illustrations below are being used as posters and social media posts.

How did you adapt characters from paper to digital?

For this project specifically, getting the balance between my style and the project’s existing branding identity was hard. Many character and poster designs were conceptualised and scrapped. Either they looked too busy or did not work with the text. Finally I found the right poses and images on Pintrests that reflect the best creative direction. Now the part on how I created these illustrations?

Drawing exercises, very important. I drew doodles, sketch notes, and random things for 10 - 20 minutes. This was ok because many of doodles inspired me to draw the energetic pose seen above. The first version of the characters were ok but their designs needed improvements.

For 30 minutes, I drew many versions of the characters. Only 3 of them went forward to the digitalisation stage.

From the point, the sketches were transferred to Adobe Illustrator. With the help of the brushes made by Retro Supply, I began creating the outlines. The process becomes very simple when it came to detail. I use 0.1 - 0.2 pt brush thickness for the strokes within the body and items.

Give me information their designs?

I was very concern about making recognisable from each other. To solve this issue, individual character features their own hairstyle, shoes, t-shirts and small features.

What was the idea behind the printed product?

The Projects’ value proposition is bringing people together to create something great. This value influenced me to research their branding and visuals. Its existing material featured imagery of dynamic people playing sports. My creative mind was inspired by the imagery but I wanted to put a compelling twist. I researched the 1950s dance scene and then successfully proposed the theme to the projects team. Here is the blog covering further questions: