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Testimonials from great people who I worked with




Krisi Smith - Founder of Bird Blend Tea ( previously Blue bird tea)

“Tez was really great to work with, he was full of enthusiasm and jumped straight into the tasks he was set.”

“He worked really hard and he enjoyed his time thoroughly - it was brilliant to have him“ 


Toby Moore - Content club co-owner

"Working with Terry is fun, fast and made us really think differently about what we can achieve for our brand through illustration."

"In addition to getting some great illustrations, we were really impressed by the way Terry went about understanding our brand values then bring that to life through creativity and design."


Alex Young - Community manager at the projects

"We worked with Terry on the promotion material for our members’ Happy Hour. As a new brand, this could have been a challenge but Terry made the whole process really easy and worked diligently to get exactly what we needed done. Terry is extremely talented and we were delighted with the creative input he gave, the finished images were exactly what we wanted and captured our space, our members and the style of event perfectly. It was nothing but a pleasure to work with Terry, he’s such a positive and friendly guy and we’re very happy to have his work to use for the promotion of our events, felt like an ideal fit!"


Kimberly marshall- Foamer leader of a prince’s trust team in Brighton

“Terry's positivity towards learning and understanding of the values of the Prince's Trust ensured that he was a reliable. His creativity allowed him to create very professional invitations for the final awards ceremony using stylish and engaging digital illustrations that are still showcased as exemplary work to current students on the Prince's Trust Team Programme.”

Alex Reid - Bamb Creative

Terry came and worked with us for a week and quickly became part of the team. He is super talented and creative. I’ve got so much time for Terry, beyond his amazing designs he makes everyone around him happier and not many people can say that.