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Q&A for my work

1. Why should people commission you to work?

Two things. I always treat my customers as top priority. I use software e.g. Slack, that allows me to provide a status update on the beat.

I have an extensive graphic design background through studying a 3-year degree. This experience helps me to create suitable artwork/graphics with the medium in mind.

Both my work and degree experience has allowed me craft design solutions that focus on delivering flexible, detailed, sometimes minimalistic, professional and quirky visuals. Both personal and commercial work focuses on one key thing: Bring your content/work to life through styles and narrative.

2.Who was your first client?

Carousel has been great for me for many years. I designed a leaflet for the Brighton Marathon when I was 19/20 years old. One tip for new illustrators, doing something free at the beginning may lead to greatness. 

3.Why did you want to become a freelance illustrator?

It came from a confidence booster. Ray Welton from Welton's Brewery chose my American Graffiti Pale Ale pitch and had me design the package for the limited edition drink. This validated the idea of being a diverse artist on a freelance basis. However, I am still open to collaborating with design studios.

4. What is the most important part of the project?

Listening to the client through conversations. Briefs are ok but I would prefer a direct conversation with the client on a daily basis. I  can get accurate info from the client rather than assuming the possible design problem. It is great to talk about non-design issues e.g. favorite hobbies, to generally get to know the client. 

Listening to their needs helps me understand their problems, concerns and the goals of the project. I remember talking to Ray directly about he why likes the American Graffiti film. Just listening to his story helped me to design something that reflected his vision. 

What Payment methods are available?

Payments are processed securely via Paypal and stripe which accepts all major credit cards.

You don’t need a Paypal account and can checkout as a guest.

What are the shipping cost and time?

Please refer to the shipping page for details

Are you going to sell limited edition products?

Definitely yes. There will be limited edition t-shirts and prints during some parts of the year.

Plus, there will be a range of prints called the special prints printed by a print Gunie in Brighton. Every A3 and A2 print will be unique. 

Things to watch out for:

  • Colour schemes

  • Symbols

  • Text

  • Small characters/doodles

  • Very small details

Any special features in the designs?

As well as getting goodies like interactive business cards and stickers, with your present, every product is signed and dated. Watch out!!! There might be some surprises. Terry will be setting up a Patreon where you can support him in exchange for really unique goodies  and access  to exclusive features.