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Process and values to illustration projects

I start every project with a questionnaire or a Skype discussion, which allows me to gain an understanding of your project and its goals. I take each inquiry into careful consideration. I look into the project goals, the market, your professional goals, deadlines and details from the discussion.

This review is important because it sets the tone for our professional relationship moving forward and gives me a good understanding of who you are.

Ideas to sketch book for projects

Sketch book to digital

I will then start to work on understanding how to tackle your design problem/commission. This involves familiarising myself with your objectives and taking a deeper look into your target audience as well as any competitors. I will do internal research and brainstorming where ideas are explored and a better understanding of the subject matter is established.

I take the information that I have learned from and start to work on creating sketches that will then be used later in the final process.

You’ll receive 1-2 rounds of sketches (rough and/or detailed). These sketches may include a few options for you to choose from. The outcome: for you to give me honest constructive feedback.

Process of quality checking.jpg

Digital files and quality checking

Once the sketching is complete, I will take the final concepts and translate those to digital format. As a result, I will create kickass illustrations.

As for revisions, adjustments that need to be made will happen when finalizing the approved concept. There will be only2 amendment.

Delivering the finished illustration


Once the final invoice has been paid, final artwork and files are emailed to you directly.

After you have received the project files, I will answer any questions you may have about putting them to use. We can also discuss any further deliverables or other imagery you might need.

I also like to get project feedback from you – to see how things went and so I can continue to improve my freelance services. I then may use your testimonial to build a project case study – bragging about how great you were to work with.

All products wrapped in special protection wrap and sent in very good quality mailers to give them the best protection. Large format posters are send in great artwork tubes. Watch out for the the goodies.