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Prince's Trust - Branding identity for graduation show

This is the front cover for Prince’s Trust Team program presentation invite I did for a local Prince's Trust team. The invite is aimed to professionally convey the event information to companies and people who are part of the Prince’s Trust network.

With the use of symbols, I decided to apply a neutral visual language to allow the invitation appeal to a broad audience. Every symbol represents a fun element of the course. However, the majority of the icons are relevant to the course, activities and the teamwork​ involved. Symbols like the frying pan represent the course teaching students food preparation, teamwork and independent living.

branding identity for show in Brighton

Why did you go for a more digital symbol look?

Yes and no. Even though the final product looks very digital, the symbols were hand drawn in my sketch book . It was about finding the most effective visual style for the posters.  The Hand drawn illustrations would have still looked great but I wanted to offer something clean and professionals. You have got to remember, the charity has to present themselves to sponsors within Brighton and Hove.

What is the importance of finding the correct graphic style for a client?

Every client is different. Whether it is a charity  based in  Brighton or a brand based in London, it about finding the possible solutions to help them grow. But my freelance service focuses on making their message feel human. If you want a logo, the only logos you will get from me feature:

-Hand drawn elements etc typography

-Fun visual communication

-A design that look on a t-shirt 

-Personalised products

If you want a corporate logo, there are other freelancers and studios who specialise for that But if you want any logos with the  things above, I am the man for it.