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Funk wool Digital and in store branding project

Funky wool is a branding project focusing on conveying a sense of excitement. The main focus on the project is to present the customer as hero of story. The usage showing how the wool is made and how the customer can thrive by buying wool from this company.

Story: a coffee shop helping customers to access wool including patterns. Featured items: -logos -Characters that promote the idea of the wool helping the customer to feel great -Icons for guiding the customer through storytelling.

Graphics for website banners & print

Promotional art for store

Printed store decoration
Digital graphics for marketing

Symbols for website and merchandise

Digital symbols for branding .jpg

Brand identity

In one or two sentences, what is the importance of this branding strategy project?

Off course, to answer to clients who find it frustrating that their visual content cannot be adapted to multiple platform. Plus to help them convey a relatable message to how they can help their customers.