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Personalised branding and graphics

explore magazine - Digital art for editorial design

The illustration project focuses on designing content for a cultural media magazine. I crafted a magazine cover and editorial illustrations. The characters are designed to cater to a range editorial subjects, including gaming, adventure and entertainment.

They are designed to work with diagrams, text and the magazine cover. The project evolved into a marketing project. With the help of planning, I created fun materials that allow Xplore to engage with its consumer. Personalised delivery boxes, fun art for the website and merchandise for events. The project's success both improved my thinking skills, which got prepared for my next commission​.


Question about the work

Since my first visit to MCM comic con back in 2014, my interest in designing for illustration in the entertainment industry has flourished. Creating simple and flexible illustrations is what I love. So I wanted to create a cover that reflects on those 2 values and create something that can be used by clients in the entertainment industry.