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Content Club - digital illustrations and characters for application

Content Club is run by a regular Ted X talker, Toby Moore. Toby has created a nice community for local business to improve their content strategy and improve their customer engagement. He issued me with commission work to help his company to look more human. Based on his budget and problems, I issued him with branding solutions focusing on digital illustrations focusing on conveying his start-ups story.


How did the discovery process influenced your creative direction?

Researching into the start up’s issue was integral for solving Content Clubs corporate issue. The creative direction was about portraying Content club as a calm place for businesses to learn about content creation.

If my memory serves me, Toby originally issued work to his members to draw something representing the start up. But the illustrations did not look professional. Content Club team approached me to design digital artwork for their application and blog. In response to the price proposed and the problem mentioned, I pitched long term solutions.

After a long hard talk, it was agreed to create simplistic art that Toby and the team can use on multiple digital media. Next was the brainstorming and conceptualising relevant ideas stage.