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Welton’s Brewery


As part of the digital degree course, we had to design artwork for a local brewery based in Horsham. However, this was competition so only a few would have been chosen. There were 3 beers to brand: American Graffiti, Battle of Waterloo and the Hurricane plane fighters.

To respond to the brief requirements, I decided to focus on the movie theme to create a captivating packaging design for limited edition beer. Listening to the client, drawing storyboards, mockups and mood boards enabled me to follow my instincts to insert the famous movies scenes into the branding. Fortunately, I had an email from Ray stating my designs were chosen as the branding for the American Graffiti Pale Ale.

So this was the start of your journey into design, what points can you take?

It is scary to think this was during my uni days. Working with Rey was awesome. He provided so much constructive feedback. I generally loved working a freelance. It was the challenge. I suppose this influenced me to become a creative who loves listening to clients.

What was hardest part of the project?

I used to struggle with detail. My old work was either too overwhelming or too messy. I worked on this in my 3rd year.  For some reason, I wanted to use my weakness to my advantage. I have been developing on a style.

Over-time, I have been able to create murals and doodles that tell a story about a brand.  They have been praised for being engaging and easy to understand. In contrast, I have developed work with minimalistic but detailed imagery. I use chaos and simplicity to create results.

Oska Bright

Oska Bright hired my freelance service to develop graphics for an informative booklet. The mini booklet is aimed to provide information about Brighton (parking, hotel e.g) to attendees unfamiliar to the area. The booklet contains a map, schedule, and other important details.

Why was this project important?

Being an artist for this booklet taught me the importance of communicating with the client to get constructive feedback. A lot of planning and collaboration was involved in making the booklet look friendly and readable to the guest. This successful project has made me a regular illustrator for Carousel's art projects.

Note: The Oska Bright logo is not my design.