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Personalised branding and graphics

Terry creates brand identities and illustration design

Your idea is powerful. Visuals are the forefront of your product communicating with your audience. What do you want your audience to feel, think and say about you? With the quirky illustration design knowledge, he focuses on creating artwork for those for rebranding or spreading a new message. A freelancer available to work on infographic design, branding, editorial, merchandise, digital assets and posters.


My illustration story

Hi there, it’s Terry.I grew up as gaming and comic enthusiast. I remember receiving great looking posters, merchandise and of course gaming cases like the classic Tomb Raider Games. The designs of these products and the detailed graphics fascinated me. It was being inspired by the art present in video games that really flourished my interest in design.

From there, I have wanted nothing more than to make a living as a designer.

In 2016, I graduated from the University of Brighton with a Bachelors degree in Digital Media Design. My journey of making my passion a job did not end there. Through-out the last 3 years, I have enjoyed creating graphics for clients ranging from co-working spaces to local breweries. I had a wonderful time providing creative solutions and learnt so much from the people who I worked with.

In 2017, I managed to get an important internship with Bamb Creative. Their positive attitude and mentorship gave me the tools to learn more about freelance trade and how to deliver a nice service.

All of this leads to this

Finally why the hand-drawn style? The great team at Bamb taught me that personalisation is an important process attracting customers. As humans, a positive engagement and first impression get us to trust a person. For 4 years, I have honed on the style that focuses on getting your company to deliver an extra special customer experience. Perhaps you may want a square book containing infographics and nicely designed goodies for a campaign.

I want to deliver artwork that humanises your brand and gets your business get on the right track.

I am going to be excited to work with you. I hope I can create your next favourite illustration on compelling medias – that is my job and that is what I am passionate about. What started as a passion is now what I am enjoying.


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